Monday, June 25, 2012

Disneyland February 2012

January was a rough month. Everything that I had been worrying about for several months happened in January. I was depressed and cried most of the month. So, Ryan decided to cheer me up with a trip to ...... Disneyland!!! 

The first ride we went on was Splash Mountain. Which everyone decided on while driving to California. 
However, we didn't go on it all at the same time, because there was a last minute backing out.


And after looking at Bryce and Klara's faces in this picture. I think we really should have chosen a different ride to go on first.

A Disney worker convinced Ella to go on the ride after all. Then she got a family fast pass for any ride in the park, because she did such an awesome job.

We lucked out and saw Ariel and Snow White first thing in the morning, just out side of the castle. Klara was so excited. 

All of the kids loved Autotopia - especially Ella. This ride was more her speed.

The Second Day-

By the second day the girls had already chosen their souvenirs -Mickey Ears! The boys had also had their souvenirs, which were the build your own light sabers. But, since you can't wear a light saber the boys had to leave them in the hotel.

We were surprised how many times Klara would plop down in the middle of the road. And she LOVED her map of Disneyland, she had it open the entire three days.

Klara was very shy about meeting Aladdin and Jasmine. Afterwards she told Ryan "it's hard talking to people you don't know"

Bryce was the only one willing to go on Splash Mountain on the second day. Ryan was having too much fun and blocked Bryce out of the camera.

But he did get a picture of Bryce right after the big splash! I love this picture.

Brothers don't shake hands! 
- Here are the boys on Big Thunder Mountain; which, was everyone's favorite ride, in the evenings there wasn't a line so the kids went on it over and over again.

California Adventure -

We went over to California Adventure on both the second and third day.


We spent a surprising amount of time at the Redwood Creek Challenge, the kids LOVED it. They loved the tree house, and the zip line, but Bryce's favorite was the rock wall. 

Ella loved Silly Symphony Swings - I felt like my brain was being smooched to one side! But, since she went on Space Mountain for me, I went on this one for her.

The boys couldn't resist getting soaking wet in a Bug's Land. 

The Last Day -

We had a couple of things we just had to get in on that last day.

The first was for Bryce to do Jedi Training. The force was with him and he was chosen. Yay!!!!

Second, we HAD to see Rapunzel. Since she was a brand new princess, the line was rediculously long all three days. So, on the third day Ryan and I tag teamed. And Klara was 2nd in line. 

Third was Tinker Bell. Klara loves Tinker Bell almost as much as Rapunzel. So, while Ryan and the older kids got in line for Star Tours, we meet Tinker Bell. We actually caught up to everyone else just before they got onto Star Tours, so the workers took Klara and I straight to the rest of the family and we all went on Star Tours together. 

All in all it was a great trip, and even though we should have used the money for landscaping the back yard,  it was a much needed break for the whole family!