Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Part 2

Day After Christmas-

Family Picture

This was the first time in a few years that we've been able to take a family picture with everyone in it. And with everyone, but me, having a baby in 2011 our family's really grown. Ryan and Brian did all the photography work, I did all of the arranging of who would stand where. I really scared a few of the kids with my moving them around. Notice Colbie's face in the middle picture. Yep that's because of Aunt Camille. :(

We celebrated Sydney's Birthday!
Yep, there's Sydney looking all grown up.
I couldn't believe how big everyone got. I guess 2 years makes a big difference.
The lemon cupcakes were so so yummy! Bonnie is such a great cook.

The girls all had so much fun together, and these two were inseparable.

Shooting by the river.
The boys went to try out the new guns Bonnie's kids got for Christmas. The girls let them take their brand new pink gun. What nice sisters.

Natalie's Birthday Party!

What a pretty one year old! Brian and Mary threw a pizza party for Natalie's first birthday. It was so much fun to go hang out. Mary has done such a great job on their house.

Colt just turned one too, so had to get a birthday shot of him too!

The kids had so much fun on the Kinetic at Brian and Mary's house.
Here they are playing Fruit Ninja.
Quick, name that movie "you're just jealous of my skills!"

Exploring the Gila Valley.

Bryce at the park.

Bryce next to the sign of his great, great, great grandfather, Ebenezer Bryce. His namesake.

Ryan saw this dry field and wanted to take some pictures of the kids. Alec kept complaining about bees. To which we kept telling him "there aren't any bees!" All of the sudden, we started getting chased by bees. Everyone ran to the car yelling and a bee started chasing me! I couldn't get into the car, so I ran ahead of the bee and the family had to drive to pick me up.
We must have looked crazy!

We took the kids for ice cream and then to the old post office to see the murals up on the walls. Unfortunately, they shut off the top two stories so we couldn't see the murals up there, but we did get to see the ones on the ground floor.

And that is how we spent our December.