Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Part 1

December 2011

Klara loved December, it was nice and cold and she was able to wear layers and layers of clothing. She was right in her element.

Tis the season for dressing up!

December brought a new game to our house.
The kids pulled out the pool toys and started stair surfing.
It was all fun and games until the whale got a hole in it.

Trip to see the Temple Lights.

We were wanting to go up to Mesa to see the Temple Lights, but kept putting it off. Then Ryan's mom got some bad news about her health. (She got better news later in the month, so everything is fine.) We decided at the last minute to head up to Mesa and spend the evening with family. We had such a great time.
These two boys are such good friends.
Ryan told the kids to make a crazy face, somehow they all managed beautifully!

One of my favorite parts of visiting the Mesa temple is seeing the Christus.

Alec's 12th Birthday.
I don't know were all the time went. Oh, how I wish I could go back and hold that little bundle of joy. This birthday was extra special. Turning 12 was such a big step. He graduated from Primary and he received the priesthood. For his birthday we got to go to the Gaslight Theater. He took a couple of friends and had such a great time.

We said Goodbye to our Wonderful Friends.

Me with Marci and Allison

It's so hard to have good friends move away. We're so happy for them, but sad to say goodbye. They've been such a big part of our lives. As a parent you pray for your children to have good friends, it's a joy to see those prayers answered in full. I'm not sure who's had the harder time, me or the kids.

Alec is ordained a Deacon.
This year has been so special, Ryan was ordained a High Priest and Alec was ordained a Deacon. During both ordinations my heart was full. I really do love my little family.

Grandma and Grandpa came for the special day.

Ella's first Violin Recital.

Christmas Eve.
Christmas Jammy time. The kids choose how to pose for their picture. First they did reindeer hands, then an upside down shot.

We did our annual nativity. Bryce was Joseph, Klara was Mary, Ella just had to be the angel. Alec was both a wise man and a shepard. After the nativity we sang the Christmas hymns. Well, most of us did, Bryce and Klara were busy still pretending. This was the first year that signing the hymns had an impact on one of the kids, usually they roll their eyes and can't wait to stop singing. But, this year Alec said "wow, I feel really good".

Christmas Morning.

Alec got a bike, legos, a toy helicopter, to name a few.

Ella had a Harry Potter Lego Christmas, she was so excited with the sets she got. She also got the Lalaloopsy Doll that she'd been wanting.

Bryce got legos and a captain america action figure. But, check out his face when he opened his socks. This from the kid who looses socks on a regular basis, it's like we're supporting his habit.
And Klara got a picnic set, barbies and a few other things. But she was so excited to get a skirt just like her big sister's skirt.

I won't shock you with the details of how early the kids got up Christmas Morning.
Let's just say there is a reason there are no pictures of either me or Ryan. I got about 2 hours of sleep, before they woke up and then they continued to come into our room every half hour to see if we were up yet. Then while sneaking around they went into the den and found the trampoline box that was the end of the scavenger hunt for their big Christmas present. That combined with the playdoe ground into the carpet, made for one grouchy mom!

After presents we went back to sleep. With a few zzzzz's, Ryan and I were in much better moods. We had croissant breakfast sandwiches this year. Then we got ready for church. My best Christmas present was watching Alec pass the sacrament for the first time. He did such a great job. Then we came home packed up and left for Grandma's house. We ate Christmas goodies from friends and neighbors on the way. We got to Safford and Bonnie and her family were already there. We hadn't seen them in a couple of years so that was also my favorite Christmas present.


Heather said...

such a fun time for your family! I got a little teary eyed thinking about my little guy getting the priesthood and passing the sacrament- that's a HUGE step! Man, they grow up fast. Love all the Christmas pictures too- funny kids!

The Lamoreaux Family said...

Hi Camille! It is so fun to see your cute family. You all look so good. I hope you all have a great new year! (and I love seeing the pictures of your whole family, my how we all grow!)Email me for an invite to my blog (j.k.lamoreaux.at.gmail.com)
Kristi Robbins lamoreaux

Marci said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! We sure miss you!