Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

Clue Halloween

Colonel Mustard - Mr. Green - Professor Plum - Mrs. White - Mrs. Peacock - Miss Scarlett

We were a little rushed because I was trying to hurry and finish the chili before we left.

As you can see the kids all waited patiently.

We did make it to the church house, even if there was a couple of puffy eyes from crying.

Now we get the smiles, after trunk-r-treating.

A huge Thank You to Grandma for all the help with the costumes!

Ella's Costume
- She wore her Christmas dress that I got at Gap during the Columbus Day sale.
- Grandma sewed up the stole with some furry/sparkly fabric she bought years ago.

Alec's Costume
-I found the green coat in one of Grandma's closets downstairs. I'm guessing I should thank one of my brothers for picking it up during the thrift store chic period.
- The green baret was from Sabra's hat collection.
- The facial hair was all Alec, with the help of my good eye liner.

Bryce's Costume
- Alec's scout shirt, with some a yellow scrap of fabric from Grandma's fabric stash.
-The hat I found at Party City for $6.
-The medal I found at a thrift store for 75 cents and I tweaked it to look like an army medal.
-The name tag was printed out on an old shipping envelope.

Klara's Costume
-Grandma designed and sewed up the apron in under an hour. She used paper plates for the the template. For the material she use white fabric that doesn't fray, sewed lace around the edge, and a ribbon in the middle for the belt.
-The choker is a black ribbon tied in a bow at the back of her neck.
-The hat is simply extra ribbon from the apron, that I bobby pinned to her hair.
-I had her wear a black skirt and shirt.

I love this picture, but Ryan got cut out so I'll use it to show mine and Ryan's costumes.
My Costume
-I wore a favorite black dress with bright green gloves that Ryan's sister gave to Ella years ago.
-The shoes and hat I borrowed from Sabra. She also had an ostrich feather I put in the hat.
-The earrings with the peacock feathers are from Forever 21 and cost about $5.
-The necklace is from the Pretty Princess Game.
Ryan's Costume
-Ryan wore clothes from his normal wardrobe. But then again he is a computer guy! Hee Hee
-I sewed up the bow tie, by cutting up an old tie and looking up bow ties on pinterest.

One last picture at the end of the night, and I forgot my gloves.

Sabra and Luca came to the ward party and then dropped by for a visit.