Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fat Lip

Last week Klara fell and hit her lip against her knee. She got a huge fat lip. She couldn't walk on her leg either because her knee hurt too much. Every time she'd try to stand, she'd shake uncontrollably. So I carried her to the sofa where she spent the rest of the night.

It was also pretty obvious she was the baby of the family after that. Ella and Bryce fought over who would get the movie for her to watch. Alec kept checking on her. Basically she was pet and pampered the rest of the day.

The lip!!

She fell asleep on the sofa holding onto the ring pop, Ryan brought home for her after he found out she got hurt.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Dresses

The girls' new dresses arrived from Olive Juice Kids. I only shop there twice a year when they have their $5, $10, and $15 sale. So I stocked up on summer dresses, well maybe not stocked up. Ella got two new dresses and one skirt, and Klara got a new dress and skirt. But, they looked so cute for church I had to take their picture.

(Ryan got home in time to snap the last couple of pictures. I really need to learn how to take the camera off of automatic.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I'm babysitting a newborn today, so I get two bonuses - my baby fix and computer time during feedings. So..... I'm finally posting Kindergarten Graduation.

Bryce's was so excited, he's gone to both his brother's and sister's graduations with the same kindergarten team. He's been singing some of the songs for years. So, it was a really great night. I felt bad that he didn't have his Sunday clothes, but this happen just as we got the new house, so all the church clothes were packed up. And Alec and Klara were still at Grandmas house. But, Bryce made it to the ceremony, which at the time was the main goal, considering how up in the air everything was.

My boy.

The Tootie Taw- a huge tradition at our school. The other song that Bryce has been singing since his siblings graduated is "I believe I can fly". It was my third time seeing one of my kids sing it and it still made me cry.

Here they are at the end of Tootie Taw

Bryce with his amazing and wonderful kindergarten teacher. What a blessing great teachers are!

I like this picture, because it was one of the craziest times we've gone through as a family (homeless for a week, Alec and Klara at Grandma's, we're a complete mess from working on huge projects in the new house) but what a great ride! Love my little family.