Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christmas Card in June

I decided to start blogging regularly. Sherral had a post about how blog entries use to be like writing a Christmas card. So this post is my Christmas card in June!

Klara- This little lady is keeping everyone smiling. She's the sweetest little thing in the world. And has two best friends that are just as much "fun" as she is.

Klara's funniest saying- She was acting up with one of those friends at church and a friend of mine was in the class and told her she needed to behave. She said "ok, I'll ask Heavenly Father to help me be good" and she folded her arms and said a little prayer in her head. She's also taken to call me madam.

Bryce - Everything is going really well with Bryce. He just started a new program for speech, the Lidcombe program. It basically involves us working with him and praising/acknowledging smooth speech. And likewise acknowledging and asking him to correct bumpy speech. (to put it simply) He's really enjoyed it, especially the extra one on one time he gets with mom.

Bryce's funniest saying- the other night Ryan and the kids convinced me that Napoleon Dynamite was a perfect family movie. After we watched it Bryce started singing the song Kip sings at his wedding, but he changed the words to "I love mom's softie, always and forever"

Ella- She has been a big help lately. This picture is of her taking wall paper off the new house. She helped out so much with the new house it was great! She is great and planning and preparing FHE. Basically Ella keeps mom and dad on the ball.

Ella's funniest saying- I can't think of anything off of the top of my head, because she is always cracking jokes. As soon as I think of one I'll up date it. ;) She's been playing tons of games lately. And drives Alec crazy by insisting he let her dolls have a turn. Which means Alec gets one turn and Ella and her "dolls" get three turns.

Alec- Alec is a boy scout now. He's also getting ready to start middle school. I just don't understand how the time went by so fast.

Alec's funnies saying- Ryan rented Battle Los Angeles and I told Alec one of the actors was LDS. Alec looked at the screen for a little while, started nodding and said "yeah, I can tell. All LDS men look like dad: clean shaven and sometimes wear glasses." Then the other day he was reading a kid's book to Bryce and said "Mom, why do they show a parent reading parenting for beginners, that really offensive." I asked "why is that offensive". He said "because it's like they're saying parents don't know what they are doing"

May - packing boxes through out the house.
As we were busy packing, these two built a fort in the kitchen.

April - grounded from the TV for a week.
All sorts of crazy things happened but the funniest was the wedding of Bryce and Klara.

This picture is my favorite because of all the details. The bride's bumble bee dress. The brick used as an alter. The flower in the groom's jacket pocket. The chairs turned to make an aisle. Alec holding his scripture, he actually read a couple of verses from Jacob, which I thought was a nice touch to make it all seem official for them. ha ha ha