Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip Home part 1

We went to visit Grandma & Grandpa. It was a lot of fun.

The kids helped Grandma make cinnamon rolls.

One day we went to play in the water at their cousins house.

Trip Home part 2

Mt. Graham

We love our Aunt Sherral, and her cuties too.

Grandpa went a little crazy with the camp fire.

Uncle Max helped the kids with marshmallows.

She is just too, too cute.

And now for mine. hmmmm

Grandma is like the pied piper.

The kids went off exploring before it got too dark.

Playing Minute to Win It
Brian and Mary planned games for us to play. We had so much fun.

1st Game: Penny Hose

2nd Game: Stack Attack

Ella's reaction to.......
3rd Game: On the Nose

4th Game: Elephant March

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baptism Day

Just before leaving for the church house.

We found the youngest two outside pretending to dance.

I can't believe how big my little girl is.
Our little family just after the baptism.

Our extended family. Thanks so much for coming everyone. It meant so much to us.