Monday, November 9, 2009

You've had a birthday, shout hoo-ray........

Our goal: To make up for forgetting last year's birthday.

First we forced her to stay outside for an hour or so.....

while we decorated for her birthday!!

Next we dressed her so she'd have clothing on for this year's pictures as opposed to the saggy diaper the year before.

Then we let her have at it.

Enjoying her new toy.

After lots of help -

the cake is finished.

Three candles for my big three year old.

And that's an end of the celebration. Everyone remembered and gave her lots of love and kisses all day long. She's dressed for the pictures. I think we did it, it was a great day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

We made it, we survived another Halloween.
After much debate Ella decided to be a gypsy. Klara didn't get a choice because a friend gave us this cute Gymboree costume for her. Alec was adamant that he wanted to be a ninja this year. At first I thought I'd try to make a costume, then I found this one marked down at Toys-r-us, and I realized there was no way to make one for under $11. So I came home from my shopping excursion with a ninja costume that Alec didn't take off for the next couple of days. When Bryce found out Alec was going to be a ninja he wouldn't be anything else but a ninja. And thanks to my good friend Marci and her son's costume the year before - Bryce got to be the ninja of his dreams.

Here are Alec and Bryce showing off their ninja powers! Yes, that is the famous crane move from Karate Kid that Alec's got going on.

Here is Ella, she loved being a gypsy.
I think it was all that jewelery that she got to wear.

We went to a Halloween party at our friends the Rhoades' house. They started the party with the kids posing in front a this cute canvas their kids helped make.
Alec took his very seriously, as you can tell.

And Bryce is just happy to be there, and happy he's dressed just like his big brother.

Klara would only sit still if I gave her their prop broom, it matched her costume so well. I wished I would have remembered witches have brooms. Oh well.

And here is Klara with her little buddy Dallin, she was making sure he was well stocked on candy!