Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break Survival Guide: Part 1

The number one rule to survive Spring Break is to start out at a nice slow pace.

4:30- School Carnival Begins

5:00- Son's musical

5:20- Mom sits in at Son's classroom booth/Dad waits in long line for younger son to ride a pony

5:40- Mom sits in at daughter's classroom booth / Dad waits in an even longer line for the ponies for older son's turn

6:00- Mom realizes that person who is suppose to take over her spot at carnival is not there, hurries to find teacher and apologize that she must leave to hurry daughter off to her dance recital.

6:10- Family runs to car which is parked ridiculously far from the school, because Dad lost original parking place when he had to leave at the beginning of the carnival to go back home to get the camera. Half way to the car, parents start carrying children who are too tired to run any more because car is still so far away.

6:15- Mom hurries and fix daughter's hair which must be worn in two low pony-tails, for dance recital. / Daughter throws a fit that someone is brushing her hair. All while driving to the school where recital is being held.

6:30- Arrive at school. Rush from parking lot to school multi-purpose room. Although early, still not early enough for good seats. However, the very last row does allow for children to stand on chairs in order to see the stage.

7:00- Performance begins

7:15- Older daughter dances wonderfully, younger daughter discovers boots worn by older daughter to protect her ballet shoes. Performs her own little dance.

7:20- Younger daughter steals doll prop used for one of the performances, sneaks out to playground with new found treasure.

7:25 Costume change, daisies put in the pony-tails that caused such a problem earlier.

8:00- Performance over, family packed in car, family debate on ordering pizza or stopping at Fry's for TV dinners (it is spring break after all, you've got to live it up).

8:15- Dad returns to car with grocery bags. Lack of milk swaying the vote in favor of Fry's over Pizza Hut.

8:25- Dad and older son leave to go help out one of Dad's home teaching families.

8:35- Kids eat TV dinners on a picnic blanket in front of TV watching the 1st season of The Cosby Show.

9:15- Mom and Dad eat, carry sleeping kids off to bed, so glad it's Spring Break!

Spring Break Survival Guide: Part 2

Broaden your children's education by introducing them to a little art. Take a day during Spring Break and visit a local museum.

A fabulous break from all the mind numbing video games!

It's a great opportunity to add a little culture to your daughter's jig!

They'll love it so much you'd never think of locking them in.Of course you'd never hear the statement "All they have are stupid paintings in here, I want to leave now!"

No matter how busy the family becomes during the break, it's important to eat healthy!!!!
We stress good manners and never allow them to play with their food!

A Spring Break Survival Guide: Part 3

Last but not least, the key to a great spring break is to teach your kids to grasp the essentials for happiness.....

Getting a kite up in the air.

The little known under-the-lip chocolate mustache.

Mastering the air guitar

See the challenge!

Meet the challenge!

Sulk when it just doesn't go according to plan!

Enjoy the pure bliss of being at Grandma's, where everything is so much better.

A Dream come True.....

Well, the dream of a nine year old boy that is. Al's always loved animals. In fact, one of his great sorrows, is that he can never see a living woolly mammoth, along with the fact that Noah got to put all the animals on the ark. So as you can imagine he was so excited to get to pet a real zebra.

The oldest and the youngest were the only two who would feed the animals. Panda loved the animals and kept trying to climb in the cage with the pot-belly pig.

Then they got to ride the camel. They were really excited and we were surprised we got everyone to try it. I was a little nervous someone would have a brake down and try to climb off the camel mid-ride. But, everyone held on tight and made it back safely.