Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gila Valley Temple

We are so excited that the Gila Valley is getting a temple. I think the Valley will always be home for us, no matter where we live. One of my aunts once described driving into the Gila Valley and how it always tugs on her heart strings. And that is exactly how I feel every time we drive into the Valley, it's always like coming home.

Thanksgiving weekend we went to go see the future temple site with my family.

My parents got to put their hands in the cement engineering markers for the temple. (on a side note of that- when my parents told us about it I didn't understand that the markers were the markers for the whole site, I thought it was for the actual temple. So when Sabra and I went out to dinner with some friends I told them the complete wrong thing about it. And now I feel like a big dork. But oh well.)
Here we are at the site for the temple.

Then we just played around.

This is my brother with his super cute wife. They are so fun. I've got such fun in-laws, they all fit into the family so well.

Then we went back in Feb. for the ground breaking.

This was not the face Alec gave me at 6am while being forced into Sunday clothes on a Sat. morning. But, as I told him when he's a Grandpa at his grandchild's wedding at that temple he'll be able to say in an old man voice "why, I remember waking up before 6 in the morning to go to the ground breaking of this temple"

It was very cold and early.

Here we are with the golden shovels.

And here we are next to the rendering of the Gila Valley Temple

Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Great Friends, 5 Little Boys, 4 Little Girls, 1 Awesome Sister, and 6 Dining Room Chairs.

Yesterday was a very busy day. My good friend Marci came over with 2 of her kids to help me out with re-covering my dining room chairs. We took off the old fabric, added a little more batting, re-covered them in a green and red toile, then covered them again in clear vinyl. (I've finally come to terms with the fact that young children and fabric chairs just don't mix.) About 2 chairs into the project, another one of my really great friends Jen stopped by with her 3 boys and daughter. She had given her little girl a hair cut but needed a little help fixing it up. So my sister Sabra stopped by and fixed up her hair. Long story short we had children everywhere; boys gearing up for war, girls playing family and the younger ones just trying to survive it all. It was so so nice of my friends to help me out with a project. It ended up being an all day project. So, thanks guys.

Then after everyone left, Sabra helped me get ready for book club that night at my house. We ran to the Fry's, cleaned the house, and set up food. All in an hour and a half. Did I mention I have awesome sisters.

This is the only picture I could find of what the chirs use to look like.

And here they are new and child proofed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Boy and his Dog

We never knew a stuffed dog from Build-a-Bear could be the best birthday present in the whole world. But, it sure was.

His birthday started out with waking up in the morning to a surprise in the living room. One of my aunts use to surprise her kids with decorations and fun stuff. (Think LDS kids asking someone to the prom and you've got it) I always loved the idea so we do that for our kids.

He was so excited to see a bunch of candy airplanes flying in the living room. And he insisted on hanging the poster up in his room after his birthday was over.
Then we went to Grandma's house a few days later and had the party with cousins.

For dinner we did all kid food. Chocolate cake, fruit snacks, pizza, pigs-in-a-blanket and lots of chips and dip.

He had to have the lights out in order to make his wish.

His little cousin had a birthday coming up the following day. So the cake served double duty. Here's the birthday boy with his cousins.

Here's the birthday boy with his cousins.