Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue & Gold (this one's for Laura)

My good friend Laura R. wanted me to post all the Blue & Gold stuff. So here goes. I took this 1st picture the morning after. I draped a bunch of stuff over our entry way bench, I've decided I need to document all my activities more.

Here are some of the decorations and they were mostly made with construction paper. I ended up laminating all the signs because I'm sure I'll use them again.
-The sheet was super cheap from Target. Ryan and I traced it from a projected picture from Charlotte's Web.
-The little hot air balloon is one of our center pieces. It's just a can covered in brown paper with crape paper swags and curling ribbon attached to a balloon. The instructions are in Family Fun July '08.
We needed to separate the game area from the eating area. We borrowed quilting frame legs from a ward member. Originally we were going to use blue & gold crape paper between them, but at the last minute I borrowed these super cute flag banners from Laura, then April T. had the idea to use these instead of crape paper. They were really unsteady, Stacy H. had the idea to use bulk food bags to hold them down. It turned out so cute I wish I would have gotten a better picture.
Here is a shot of the sheet, April is trying to get it to actually stay up on the wall we finally got thumb tacks and that did the trick. Ryan and I used a projector, borrowed from Laura (she is the best, everyone needs a Laura R. in their life). It was actually really an easy project. Alec even helped us out with a section of the farris wheel.
Here is the gazebo. We talked about doing a Fair theme back in Nov. I really wanted it to feel like an old Disney movie. And I thought it would be so cool to have a gazebo. So I had been stewing over just how to build a gazebo. Luckily Jen D. had this pop up canopy and lots of masking tape and white crape paper later.......voila.
Here's Jenn D. setting up. She is such a great scout leader and always so on the ball. It wouldn't have come together with out her. Everyone on our committee did such a great job. And they put up with my craziness as far as moving things around a gazillion times and going a tiny bit overboard with things. It's always a little nerve wracking showing others how crazy you can be about things, my husband of course is use to it and he loves and puts up with me. But, that's sort of the package deal in a marriage because I love and put up with him too. But, our committee was great and went ahead and put up with my craziness. And our Primary counselor was awesome she was there all day decorating and helping, and she lives a lot farther away from the church than the rest of us. She majorly helped us out. And really everyone on the committee gave up their entire day to be there and make it work. It nice to work with people who are so great.
One side we had the art exhibits and the gazebo.
On the other side we had the games.

Our Cake Bake-Off, entries were placed
under the gazebo. The primary presidency did the judging. And our awesome primary president stayed and did major kitchen duty for us the entire evening. It was so nice of her to sacrifice her busy night to help us out.

Heather P. did a great job with balloons she made swords and animals and flowers. She did an amazing job. Heather gave me the best compliment to she asked where all the ideas came from and I told her I watched Pollyanna and looked up old fashioned fairs. And she said " Yes, when I walked in the room I felt like I had entered into Mary Poppins, when they jump in the chalk painting". I loved it, what a great thing to tell someone. Thanks Heather, that one comment totally made it worth all the work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doesn't making a Snowman count as an Excused Tardy?

We woke up to snow this morning! The big kids hurried and played for 30 minutes before school. They actually did make it to school just before the tardy bell rang. But, it was pretty close.

As sad as it seems, this is a pretty big snowman for these parts.

Dancing with the cool looking snowman

Now we have a whole new set of clothes to get wet right before school. How do you guys in the snow zones keep up on laundry.

Later on in the morning the younger kids got to play with the snowman.