Saturday, January 31, 2009


I married into a family that LOVES Disneyland. This past Nov. we went with almost all of my husbands family to Disneyland. It was a lot of fun. It took lots of preparation, lots of saving, and lots of organization. But, it was a great trip.

One of my sister's friends told her a couple of years ago she hopes Heaven is like Disneyland. Which is such a funny statement. But, I have to say once you walk under that train track, then out of the town square, and start walking down main street. Everything sparkles and shines and that old fashioned music is playing. Everything is beautiful; the buildings, the flowers, and trees. And if there aren't many people around and it's just your little family. It's hard to suppress a huge smile, because it really is awesome.

Our First stop the carousel

You can tell by the kids' faces exactly what they are thinking, sheer joy and complete uncertainty.

Friday, January 30, 2009

We started out the day at a bug's life

On your mark get set go.....

You've got to love big brothers.

The kids were so excited to ride with their cousins. Unfortunately our kids didn't like the fast ride so they didn't get to go on many rides with all their cousins. But, they still had fun.

This picture was taken just seconds before the workers told us Bryce was too little to ride with his brother and not an adult. He was so upset about getting kicked of the ride that they ended up giving our whole group an extra turn (with Ryan taking him).

Bellie and her Grandma, both love Tinker Bell and Disneyland, but not the rides.

Captivated by a parade with the real Buzz Lightyear

This may look like the L for California, it's actually the L for Long Day!

Biz, right after I took him on the Matterhorn with me. Can you tell by his face what he thought of it.

Pooh and Minnie were the babies favorites.

The girls went crazy in Minnie's house, to tell the truth I'd love a house like that too.

Ella and Logan became good friends on this trip, apparently all those who refuse to go on rides band together.

If only we had Disneyland to put our kids to sleep every night!

The Last Day

Our last day there, they had put out the Christmas letters during the night.

Pixie Hollow was brand new so we waited in line for close to an hour. But, the girls loved the fairies, especially Tinker Bell. Klara wouldn't let go of her baby Tink.

Alec and Ella both got to go up for Jedi Training! We really wanted Alec to have a chance, because he didn't get picked when his cousins got to do it. We were so relieved when he got chosen, because it was our last day there. Then when the Jedi called on 'the little girl in the back with the pink pants' we were so excited.

Here they are learning their super cool jedi moves.

Whoa that was close!

When Ella got to fight Vader he said to the audience "if you won't join the dark side, perhaps she will"

Here they are, full fledged jedis. I think it's so cool Disney did star wars for the boys, it's the perfect boy make-believe to compliment the girl's princesses. Disney is just so awesome.

Bellie's favorite part of the whole trip was meeting the princesses. It had 3 things going for it.
1. It wasn't dark and scary
2. It wasn't moving at a fast speed
3. It's princess!!!

Our very last ride was the kids' favorite ride the tea cups. So sad to have to leave the happiest place on earth.
Ryan took his girls and I've got my boys.

We stopped by the beach on our way home.

Biz loved the Beach! The last time he was at the beach he was just 18 months and he would scream whenever he got sand on his skin, so he pretty much screamed the entire time. But, he LOVED it this time around.

We stopped by the New Port Beach Temple to show it to the kids. We actually went to the temple before the beach but since I'm not so good at the whole blogging thing, it's just going to be out of order. While we were there at the temple we worried that the kids were being too loud because workers kept opening the door to look out. It wasn't until we got home and found out about the protest over prop. 8, that we realized they were probably worried something else was going on. But, it really is a beautiful temple.

The one bad thing about the trip. We got hit by some debris on the freeway.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Badges & Recitals

What a busy couple of weeks for our little guy. First his wolf badge and then his first piano recital.

He had to pluck a turkey to find his award! If you look closely you can see the turkey is losing his head. Oh no.

Pinning on the mother's pin is tricky business, it is pointed after all.
My little guy!!
And yes, Ryan and I are both in cub scouts. And while a weekly calling is so tiring, it's nice to be able to spend time with my son. I'm sure I'll look back on it and be so glad that I had that opportunity to be with him. Of course the morning after Pack Meeting I'm always wonder just how long a calling can last. But, it's lots of fun and even if I complain I'm glad I get to do it. And the uniform is to die for.

Next was his recital. He was so nervous.

He played Book of Mormon Stories and Let's Play Ball.

He did a great job, not a single mistake.