Thursday, December 4, 2008

Panda's Birthday

We have officially initiated Panda into the realm of youngest child of the family. We forgot her birthday!!! We totally forgot it. At about 8:30 that night I was on the phone with my Mom and Ryan came in the room with a shocked look on his face. He was carrying her and said "Happy Birthday to Panda today"!

And to make it worse the only reason he even remember was because one of the other kids was asking when everyone's birthdays were because they wanted to know who was getting presents and when.

We celebrated her birthday the next day. But, it was a Monday making it kind of a busy night, so it wasn't until later that I realized that in all of the pictures of her opening gifts and blowing out her birthday candle she is only wearing a diaper. Man! What kind of loser parents are we. So here are a few favorite pictures of our little sweet heart from age one to two. As always it went by too fast. It was a magical year. Newport Beach

Playing tennis with one crazy racket!!

Fancy Shoes for a Fancy Girl

The dryer is the coolest. I loved her in that little pants outfit. She always looked like a little package from the 40's.