Thursday, December 4, 2008

Panda's Birthday

We have officially initiated Panda into the realm of youngest child of the family. We forgot her birthday!!! We totally forgot it. At about 8:30 that night I was on the phone with my Mom and Ryan came in the room with a shocked look on his face. He was carrying her and said "Happy Birthday to Panda today"!

And to make it worse the only reason he even remember was because one of the other kids was asking when everyone's birthdays were because they wanted to know who was getting presents and when.

We celebrated her birthday the next day. But, it was a Monday making it kind of a busy night, so it wasn't until later that I realized that in all of the pictures of her opening gifts and blowing out her birthday candle she is only wearing a diaper. Man! What kind of loser parents are we. So here are a few favorite pictures of our little sweet heart from age one to two. As always it went by too fast. It was a magical year. Newport Beach

Playing tennis with one crazy racket!!

Fancy Shoes for a Fancy Girl

The dryer is the coolest. I loved her in that little pants outfit. She always looked like a little package from the 40's.

Monday, November 17, 2008

CTR5 and the magic beads

I got to sub in Primary this past Sunday, and I love subbing in Primary, it is so much fun. And with 2 kids in primary and 2 in nursery we get called a lot. It’s so much fun being with the kids and singing the primary songs. There is no other time in church when you get to just smile the entire time. The things they say are so funny, one little boy started talking about how his dad fixes teeth and he starts telling me that his dad is the king of all the dentists. Then our opening prayer in class was given by this cute little girl who started praying for all the things the other kids were doing during the prayer. It went something like this “bless us to stop talking, bless us to sit down, bless us to not whisper secrets in our friend’s ears during the prayer” and so on. And it’s the prayer so you can’t tell the kids if they don’t start behaving this prayer is going to last the whole hour.
I had Ryan in there helping me and every time the kids started getting crazy he would tell them he had a special prize for the kids who behaved. Finally, I hid behind the picture I was holding and asked him what prize he had. With a big smile he pulls out 2 beads from his pocket and says “I found these in the hall, I’m going to tell them they’re magic beads”. I start laughing; meanwhile kids are getting more and more excited about this really great gift they’re going to get if they behave. Slowly we’re starting to realize we’re in trouble, so I send Ryan out to the car to look for a treat, any treat. All he could find was a box of wintergreen Altoids. Now in my defense, they are not as strong as the regular Altoids but all the same they’re still Altoids. So, he asked the kids if they were good and they started jumping up and down saying how great they were. He starts out first with the “magic” beads, and of course the kids look at him filled with disappointment. So then he moves on to the Altoids and even then the kids aren’t very sure about that. Well, they all take one but pretty soon a couple of the kids have these looks of disgust on the faces. And one little girl tells me “my mouth is really hot”. I feel awful; we hurry to the drinking fountain and get everyone taken care of. When we get back to the class room all the sudden everyone wants the magic beads, but there are only 2 magic beads. Luckily, I remembered that they used beads for the Primary activity at the ward party. I hurried to the primary room, explained the need for “magic” beads. Helen, the primary counselor was great and gave me 5 green beads and 3 white beads to compliment the 2 clear beads we already had. I hurry back to the class and everyone gets their bead, all in the last few minutes of class. And sure enough they were magic, all the kids had to do was hold it and they turned into real frogs. You can’t get better than that. And whether or not we get asked to teach CTR5 again remains to be seen.